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Learn about the most important steps to take to protect your rights in the aftermath of a car crash.

Common Causes

Discover some of the most common reasons vehicle collisions occur and how they can lead to liability.

Types of Accidents

Become aware of the types of vehicle collisions that frequently occur and lead to serious injuries.

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Insurance Issues

Find out how your own or other drivers’ insurance coverage status can affect recovery after a crash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Airbag Injuries
Why and how does an airbag deploy? Airbags are safety devices that deploy during a car accident to protect a vehicle’s occupants. They are usually located in the driver’s steering wheel and the passenger’s side dashboard. They may also be found in the doors to help mitigate side-impact accidents.  Airbags are typically made of Nylon […]
Injured Passengers
How can I as a passenger pursue compensation if I was injured in a car accident? There are several legal options available to injured car accident victims. For example, you may be able to pursue a third-party insurance claim against the at-fault driver’s liability insurance, even if it’s the driver of the car you were […]
Police Reports in Car Accident Cases
If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and wish to press charges, a police report is one of the most valuable documents you can have for yourself, your insurance company, and your attorney. Police accident reports are exactly what they sound like – an officer arrives at the scene of a car crash and […]
Reporting a Car Accident
When the smoke clears after your car crash, you’re left with lots of questions. Who caused the accident? Should I see a doctor? How much will it cost to fix my car? These are all valid concerns. Many auto accidents have a steep financial, physical, and mental price. However, you can relieve some of the […]
Chain Reaction Accidents
When more than two cars are involved in an accident, it can seem difficult to figure out who’s at fault. However, if you have been involved in a multi-car accident, you only need to contact an experienced chain reaction attorney.  Get Car Accident Money knows exactly what to look for when determining fault in these […]

Popular Topics

Insurance in Car Accident Cases
Insurance in Car Accident Cases You were in a car accident. Whether you sustained serious injuries or were mostly unharmed, having insurance will make your life much less stressful. With liability coverage (standard car insurance), you’ll be protected financially if you suffer injuries or vehicle damage.  This coverage works on the other side of the […]
Common Injuries in Car Accidents
Almost any type of injury can happen in a car accident, and these injuries can range from minor to catastrophic or even fatal. In general, they can be classified as either impact injuries or penetrating injuries. Impact injuries result from the victim’s body striking part of the car, while penetrating injuries result from an object […]
Types of Car Accidents
A car accident can happen to anyone in virtually any situation. Understanding the cause of the accident is essential to deciding who is liable for it, but the type of accident can also be relevant to a claim. This may affect the scope and nature of the victim’s injuries, which determine how much their claim […]
Going Outside the No-Fault System
The no-fault system aims to lower the cost of car insurance by taking small claims out of the courts. In other words, no-fault removes an individual’s ability to sue after a car accident.  Instead, if a person has no-fault insurance and is involved in a car accident, their insurance company will pay for minor injuries, […]
Distracted Driving
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving is any activity that diverts your attention away from the road and/or operating your vehicle safely. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous and has claimed many lives. The most tragic part is that these accidents are preventable. Distracted Driving: Examples and Consequences Common distractions leading […]